Sunday, 15 March 2009

Since I Began

I've now been taking photos now semi properly for 14 months and 23 days; ever since I was lucky enough to be given a DSLR as a most excellent present. Looking back its amazing to think about how many shots i have taken and how much i have improved over this period, so i decided to start a blog to document this progression and transition into more serious and professional photography,

What follows is predictably a selection of photos charting my journey through the lens yeah or at least until i got bored of organising them anyways?

Above; December 26th 2007 - My Grandfather, Mike Bushell

In retrospect, the high ISO generates a horrible grainy texture and i would never now ever consider using 1600. I do like the capture though, especially the angled frame in the top left hand corner of the pic.

Above; January 1st 2008 - the clock strikes twelve

Again similar in quality to the first image, high ISO, nice bokeh, nice capture but lacking in tone and clarity.

Above; March 26th 2008 - Revengers dance

After being sick off the Kit lens that comes with a 400D I decided to get an alternate lens and like most people who get any decent camera I was most inspired by the bokeh opportunity offered by the 50mm 1.8 prime lens. Its wide aperture also means you can get fast exposures in very low light which can be useful for all manner of things. The picture above was a shot during a dress rehearsal for Metra Theatre's version of the 'Revengers Tradegy' (that featured as part of the Enterprise 08 festival in march 08) it's a good example of this lens' ability to freeze movement in very low light!

Above; Retouched in April - Brushed Up

Basically i watched some basic retouching tutorials
and went all blur crazy as seen above and below, not very subtle

Above; April 26th - Before and after

The sad use of many a duplicate and overliad/multiplied bendling modes on this beast.

After spending hours trawling Flickr I found that most of the shots I really loved were through the use of a wide angle lens. At the time I fought with the idea of shelling out £300 squid on whim but eventually my obsessive shopping habits whilst at 4am on a 12 hour night shift predictably took over.

with that and the discovery of lightroom.... all shots are now tinted and wide..

Above; 22nd April - The eye

Above; 22nd April - Ben

Above; 23rd April - Exit

Above; 22nd April - BMX

Above 22nd April - the Gerkin

I hail from Norfolk, a town called Great Snoring to be precise it is the kind of place where nothing happens but yet everyone whom lives there perceives it as the centre of the known universe which of course it is.

Above: grandpa

Its the kind of thing you do in the countryside, that is set light to a bail and sit really still whilst posing for an 8 second exposure

Then you kick your height whilst it burns

Wells Next The Sea; Grammar in this protest is in keeping with the name of the place

This is my clan, the Bushell collective; (from Far left) Beasley, Me, Uncle Pip, Silvia, Luke, Tracey , Mike & Alec

This is a green house

My Grandpa swots a fly

My Granny admires some fence posts

A lamb - my stepdad is a shepherd; we are a biblical family unit

He is hailed as a doctor doo little type figure in these parts as seen in the above

I went to Newquay with Jess as this is where currently her padres are based, I was truly amazed by how horrible this place could get on a Friday night

Bulldogs waving pasties looking for a rape, that's how would sum it up

This is obviously one of the lovely beaches looking particularly drab via the use of tone mapping

This is Laurie, Jessica's little brother. All he does is skate and smoke crack, there really is no hope

Above is an HDR shot of the natural history museum - i had to balance my camera on the stairs railing to get enough exposures of this mutha

This guy was the arms for Bowie in the Labyrinth. believe

South bank fountain by the royal festival hall - quick exposure @ 50mm

I love Napoleons face, i did later straighten the rail so its horizontal to the picture but I can't be bothered to find it on my website yeah

The best thing about living in a massive town house is getting on the roof
Jess had a cool little terrace by her window which you could easily sit and spy upon the other weirdo that lived on De beauvoir road in Dalston

Jess and I went to Brighton, we bumped into the dudes from Anonymous whom I must admit I had no idea what their cause was.

Obviously I have always hated Scientology

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