Monday, 16 March 2009


Smokey siren, originally uploaded by Harry Sewell.

Strobist: 430EX through diffuser @ full power camera left, Vivitar 285 bare at full power camera right.

I've tried to doing something a bit different with each of the edits but due to the fact the most of the shots are composed in the same way they are all becoming a bit too repetative for me.

with this one I was trying to play with some smoke - selections using the colour channels and also i tried a bit of texture wrapping on the subjects skin

I quite happy with it allthough the smoke etc could have been more conviningly executed but hey I am still learning with these kind of manipulations

The shoot was on the bank of the Thames by the tate modern and it was freezing so poor Priscilla did well to stay out in next to nothing for the duration of the shoot.

I liked that a few grannies were eagerly watching us from above.

here are some other shots from the shoot......

the overall look is achieved by using a narrow aperture around F9-10 whith a relatively fast exposure (around 1/200 of a sec) when considerring the ambient light.
this considerably darkens the background and leaves detail in the sky. stobes are then used to light the subject giving a nice contrast between fore and background

Priscilla Bokeh

Light trails

Priscilla 3


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