Sunday, 12 April 2009

Wilby Park

Wilby Park, originally uploaded by Harry Sewell.

This was a late night shoot for an upcoming feature entitled 'Wilby Park. I had been out the night before with some work colleagues which ended with me rolling in at 5am, I had intended to get up at 9 to travel Hampshire to get some on set shots but due to a large volume of booze and a very nasty hangover I did not make to there until way after dark. It was pitch black and couldn't really see what is was shooting at, we rigged up a halogen light shinning from the house in order to muster just enough light for me to focus, Love the way this shot turned out.

Strobist: vivitar @ 1/2 power shoot through umbrella camera left, 430Ex through diffuser camera right @ 1/1 power

View On Black
Character Photo shoot for 'Wilby Park' an upcoming feature, currently in production.

From left;

Monica Hamlyn, played by Claire Conroy

Emily Bodega, played by Laura Evelyn

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