Wednesday, 20 May 2009

High Key

High Key, originally uploaded by Harry Sewell.

This shot was taken by Jessica

strobist: 430EX bounced of white wall to my right. Vivitar 285 @ 1/2 power through a cereal box snoot

I did take some of Jess but she found it more difficult to keep her eyes open whilst dumping a pint of water on her head, hence why I processed a shot of myself


Jarrad Nelson said...

Hey man your shots look top notch.

I was just wondering what kind of editing you put into it?

I'm really trying to up my post edit game, do you know of any good sites or material to look into?


Harry Sewell Photography said...

Cheers man!

Not that much processing

main thing was to select highlighs on the red channel, invert that selection, copy it and paste to a new layer and set to difference.

other things were just general sharpening and dodge/burn action