Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Swept away

Swept away , originally uploaded by Harry Sewell.

Strobist: 430EX @ 1/32 power through D.I.Y snoot slightly camera right. Vivitar 285 @ 1/16 power through D.I.Y snoot far camera right square to model as rim.

This was taken in the middle of our bedroom so it was a real chore trying to get no spill from either flash on anything but the subject.

It has been quite a while since I had taken a portrait using hard light so I was quite pleased how this turned out.

Model/Make up; Jessica Stanley

Monday, 27 July 2009

The beloved king of Pop

The beloved king of Pop, originally uploaded by Harry Sewell.

This poor fella whom is obviously short of a billy jean or two stands by the national portrait gallery listening to MJ on his Ipod whilst passionately singing and dancing like a maniac.

He always seems to draw quite a large crowd and is largely far more interesting than anything going on up on the 4th Plinth

The 4th Plinth

Couldn't find out who this lady on the plinth was; she had a point and shoot camera mounted on a tripod and seemed to meticulously take a picture every minute, moving the the camera slightly in a panoramic fashion after every shot.
I'm guessing she will stitch the resulting pictures together and post it somewhere....

One & Other Anon @ 7pm 27th July

I did Catch a couple of minutes of Paul MCL (below), not sure what his message was but I did like the suit.

The beloved king of Pop, originally uploaded by Harry Sewell.


Bandit, originally uploaded by Harry Sewell.

Strobist: 430Ex @ 1/2 power through DIY snoot slightly camera left

Make up/model: Jessica Stanley

this was another shot from .

The make up was inspired by the movie 'The Fall' which is the best thing since sliced bread. fact


Mouthwash, originally uploaded by Harry Sewell.

Strobist: 430EX through diffuser @ 1/2 power camera left, vivitar 285 bare @ 1/4 camera right.

This was from a photoshoot i did back in April.

check out their myspace and buy their awesome album ..

View On Black

from left: Rob, Burch, Nip, Chris, Rich

This was taken outside my front door with a mega wide angle

Fran Hyde

Fran Hyde, originally uploaded by Harry Sewell.

Stobist: 430EX @ 1/1 bare camera left and Vivitar 285 @ 1/1 camera right (see flare)

Fran just graduated form Circus Space and is almost a ninja


Traitor, originally uploaded by Harry Sewell.

strobist; 285 bare through CTB gel @ 1/4 power camera left behind actors, 430ex through umbrella @1/2 power camera right behing me.

still from a production of 'Love of the nightingale' at the BAC

Tereus and the captian go at it.

I had like 2 minutes to set up and about 5minutes to shoot some scenes; this was one of few that i managed to capture with any dynamics

Wednesday, 15 July 2009


Ham-let, originally uploaded by Harry Sewell.

Strobist; vivitar 285 snooted @ 1/4 through CTB gel camera left (aimed at my head- see blue specular highlights on the left of my head) & 430EX through umbrella camera right @ 1/2 power for the Key

Here I am slowly decomposing. The Photoshop treatment is a bit on the dodgy side, but it was one of those rare occasions where I had a set idea, so am glad I stuck to the plan even if it compromised the validity of my editing

This is not a tribute to MJ
It is simply to upset my mum.

Saturday, 4 July 2009

The magician's assistant

The magician's assistant, originally uploaded by Harry Sewell.

30EX @ 1/2 power through white umbrella camera left, 285HV bare through CTB gel just out of frame mid right of picture.

Here I am sporting a bow tie, it took a long time for this to be bow tied.

I had bought it as well as a very nice suit to attend one of my bosses wedding receptions on Friday night. Unfortunately Jess and I have been feeling pretty damn rough all week so did not actually end up going.

Damn this pandemic.

to take this I had to move our sofa which is seriously massive, the rest of the room looks like a terror attack.

I did interestingly find a massive stash of old toe nail clippings when moving said sofa. Nice