Monday, 31 August 2009

Wells Next the Sea

Wells Next the Sea, originally uploaded by Harry Sewell.

Strobist: 430EX thriough CTO diffuser hand held camera left.

Ambient underexposed by a stop to retain detail in distance/sky and CTO diffuser used to give warmth in the hand/bike close to the bottom of the frame

I recently went home to stay with my Mum for a while, The negative side of this is that she lives in the middle of nowhere (a small town called Great Snoring). Seeing as I live in London and whilst there have never seen the point in learning how to drive it kinda means I am stranded whenever I go back, basically I bought myself a nice road bike so I could cruise around the countryside whenever I go back.

This is some resulting Bike Porn taken using a 10mm wide angle in Wells Next The Sea


ADRIAN said...

As is the case every time you post I get totally overwhelmed. Bit of a pain. I look I see but don't see as you do. Maybe one day thanks for the inspiration.

Harry Sewell Photography said...

Just keep at it Adrian, most of my shots are 50/50 split between the intitial picture and the resulting post processing.

is usually where i get my lighting tricks and inspiration :-)

ADRIAN said...

Thank you very much for the link. Have a flash unit and a cord, never had any great success. So now I have something else to scramble my little grey cells with. Just hope that when unscrambled I produce images 10% as good as yours. Thanks again.