Monday, 5 October 2009

Game Over

Game Over, originally uploaded by Harry Sewell.

Strobist; 430EX @ ½ power through a precariously positioned umbrella camera right above model. Vivitar 285 @ ¼ power through mini soft box tied to door by a bungee cord camera left.
Triggered via cactus V2’s

1/100 10mm @ F8 (ISO200)

I got some funny advice when trying to buy a lethal assortment of pain killers “don’t take them on a empty stomach” said the pharmacist whilst trying to figure out if the pound coin I had just handed over was a fake or not (seriously who fakes coins, and secondly someone trying to buy a few hundred odd Paracetamol is surely more disconcerting than a faked coin?).
So for the sick a good ole can of chunky vegetable soup came into play although foolishly it was left in shot as was my legs and stupid socks as I was perched in the shower struggling to get the shot (these were then cloned out).
A cliché I know but I had kinda wanted to do this for a while but just haven’t had the time

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Big soup
strobist: Vivitar 285 @ 1/4 power through lumiquest mini soft box - hand held just out of frame above models head.

1/60 28mm @F7 (ISO100)

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ADRIAN said...

Not the pleasantest of images, but effective and stunning, nothing for weeks now I can't keep pace.
apparently there are millions of fake pound coins. I think the exchequer have a term for it; ' Quantitative Easing'.

Harry Sewell Photography said...

Cheers Adrian, I felt like you I had had weeks without shooting - but you just gotta force it!

Creating cash 'ex nihilo' would certainly be something, it would certainly help my photographic career!