Wednesday, 17 November 2010


Movember, originally uploaded by Harry Sewell.

Strobist; 430EX @ 1/8 power through diffuser camera right (very close to my head) triggered via sync chord

For the first time in my life I am attempting to grow some facial hair whilst in parallel trying to raise some money for a good cause, hopefully by the end of the month I shall be sporting something like this rather than the horrid reality of some patchy bum-fluff

So if you fancy helping me out you can donate here

Bike porn

Bikes are cool

Bikes are cool two


Icons, originally uploaded by Harry Sewell.

Free in London tomorrow evening?

then come along to this!

from 6pm @ St Botolph without Aldgate
Aldgate High Street, London EC3N 1AB

Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Icons – a silent auction of contemporary art in aid of St Joseph’s Hospice

Strobist: 430EX on via ETTL on sync cord above camera

I'm donating this picture to a charity auction for St Joseph's hospice in Haaaackney

A piece that will feature along side Turner Prize winners Chris Ofili and Grayson Perry

you can bid online here

or personally come along to the event as i'll be there taking pictuuuuureeeessssssssss

Tuesday, 2 November 2010

James and the city

James Smith, originally uploaded by Harry Sewell.
Generic Docklands shot one
Generic Docklands shot three
Generic Docklands shot two
Obligatory Thames sunset

This must be the place

Mother, originally uploaded by Harry Sewell.
(Above; Michael Bushell)
(Above; Meg)
(Above; one of many)
(Above; Tracey Bushell)
(Above; Thursford Road, Great Snoring)
(Above; Poppet)
(Above; Tracey Bushell)
(Above; Alec Swan)
(Above; Self Portrait)
The Crowd
(Above; Sheeps)
(Above; Fakenham Delivery)
Yes, there is such a place
(Above; The 'new' Snoring sign)
(Above; Michael Bushell returns home)
(Above; Sylvia Bushell)
(Above; the lack of Transport in Great Snoring)
(Above; Michael Bushell)
(Above; Plastic Robin)
(Above; Detail of a Tractors exhaust flume )
(Above; Tungsten lamp through glass)

Wednesday, 6 October 2010

An Ode to Beasley

An Ode to Beasley, originally uploaded by Harry Sewell.

Oh Beasley you were such a great cat,
I enjoyed so much how you were so fat,
You and I had so much fun
So I’m sorry that your life was ended by my stepfather's gun

Great Snoring

Duck End Farm
mmmm Bacon
Duck End

David Paterson

David Paterson, originally uploaded by Harry Sewell.

10mm @ f4 1/2000 ISO200 with a 430EX through diffuser as strobe
(taken in full daylight but the ambient dropped down two stops

If you see this man do not ever stand on David's shoes; he will not appreciate it one bit, possibly threatening you with violence on contact.

Be warned

Jamie and Heather

Jamie and Heather, originally uploaded by Harry Sewell.

51 mm shot at 1/160 F3.5 (ISO 200),

Jamie and Heather are awesome and got married a few weeks back, I Toasted them with a bottle of WKD blue cause that's how I roll