Saturday, 1 May 2010

Dead tired

Dead tired, originally uploaded by Harry Sewell.

Strobist: 430Ex @ 1/2 power through 24 inch soft box, on axis with camera (slightly above and to the left) and a vivtar 285 @ 1/4 power directly behind my head.

Triggered by Cactus V4's

shot @ 10mm, ISO100, F8 1/100

The background is a composite of three exposures bracketed to show details in the highlights/shadows

Basically I was mucking around after little sleep and was trying to achieve something that had a hyper real Dave hill type style to it.

The key really is the lighting as if you get a nice edge to your subject you really can exaggerate this in the post processing of the image. Because this was a self portrait I enlisted the help of a tripod which also meant I could take multiple pictures of the background without me present in the chair.
The multiple background images were composited using photomatix and tone mapped accordingly, The resulting image was then composited with the picture of me in the chair and then through a process of masking, colorized hue adjustment layers, dodging and burning I managed to achieve the final look

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