Thursday, 8 September 2011

Sylvia Bushell

Sylvia Bushell, originally uploaded by Harry Sewell.

Stobist: 430EX @1/2 power through soft box camera left, Triggered by Cactus V4's

This is my amazing and most awesome Gran, sadly she passed away recently. This picture was only taken a few weeks before her death as I'd convinced her to come out for a wander and pose for some shots after a couple of sherries.

She was a truly wonderful, magical, intelligent and inspiring woman who was so accepting of everyone without even an ounce of judgement.

She crafted a magical world for me as a kid and would spend hours indulging me and and my brother as she would help us build bases for our Transformers or scare us with wonderful stories of the ghosts she had encountered.
This enthusiasm and interest for other people and the things that they did continued throughout her life as I remember teaching her how to mix two Drum and Bass records together a few years back, giddy with excitement that potentially she may take it up and commence busting out tunes at Raves all over Norfolk.

She will be missed deeply by all who had the absolute pleasure to have known her

Sylvia Bushell

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