Thursday, 6 September 2012

Paralympic Road Cycling

Mark Colbourne
Mark Colbourne flies past in a blur to win Silver in the Men's Silver C1 Time Trial
Fans watch the H2 Time Trials at Brands Hatch
Sarah Storey
Sarah Storey waves to the crowd as she wins Gold in the Women's C5 Time Trial
Team AUS
Jayme Paris' (C1-3  Time Trial) mum proudly shows me her intricately painted nails
A Fan watches Jayme Paris cross the line seventh in the Women's C1-3 Time Trial
Juan Jose Mendez is comforted as he catches his breath after the C1 Time Trial
Arnold Boldt
7 Time Paralympic Gold medalist Arnold Boldt grimaces as he sets off on his
second lap during the Men's C2 Time Trial
After ten minutes of complete exhaustion Michael Teuber rises to his feet
realising he has won Gold in the C1 Time Trial
Michael Teuber celebrates Gold with his family
Before a celebratory walk down down the finishing straight
Jon-Allan Butterworth
Jon-Allan Butterworth rides the C5 Time Trial, nursing injuries from training
Brands Hatch
Fans look on as riders pass
Wolfgang Sacher
Wolfgang Sacher turns the final corner
Fans wait for the victory ceremonies to commence
As Bronze Medalist David Stone (Mixed T1-2 Time Trial) enjoys a quiet moment with his family