Tuesday, 4 December 2012

From the hip

Shots taken without looking through the viewfinder or composing on the LCD
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Self portrait

Self portrait, originally uploaded by Harry Sewell.
When no one else is around to photograph

Strobist: 430EX at 1/4 power through wescott shoot through umbrella just right of camera
triggered via cactus V4's

Guitars left to right; 3/4 classical, seagull custom, 1996 Fender USA lonestar strat and Epiphone Sheraton II setup
(above: the set-up shot for the self portrait)

Flying low

20121124_121927, originally uploaded by Harry Sewell.
For my Grandpa's 80th my mum and uncle arranged for him to have a flight in a De Havilland Dragonfly - the last of two remaining in the world (and this is the only one able to fly).  Luckily arriving a couple of minutes before take off I was given the opportunity to fly with them too. The experience was one of awe and equally  terror (given the low flying and various near misses of buildings along the way); particularly as I was later informed that most of the 68 ever made had ended up being damaged or destroyed during landing or take off due to a 'Ground loop'. Sadly I jumped in the plane so quickly I only had 50MM lens on me which was a bit too telescopic to catch much of the experience but here are a few of those I did capture.

IMG_5490 IMG_5472 IMG_5509 Dragonfly Henry Labouchere